Our Quest

We are people who want to help. If you see someone who is walking along the side of the road with packages from the grocery store in the rain, do you stop and give them a lift? maybe give them an umbrella? Then you are just like us. We want to help raise awareness about Brain Aneurysms and how it can save people's lives if detected before a rupture occurs. So we are fundraising for research into the condition and its origins.

Why Brain Aneurysms

The founder of the A Round Fore Awareness is one of the very few lucky survivors of a Brain Aneurysm rupture.  After his immediate recovery, it was decided that we want to help improve the treatment of those with this disease. While many have heard of Aneurysms, few really know much about them. So we are going to try and change that and hopefully help some people come in out of the rain too.

Meet the Team


Michael Dagostino



Husband and father of a wonderful family, our President suffered a Aneurysm rupture in April 2018.  An avid fly fisherman and antique car collector. A rabid baseball fan and follower of Drew University baseball

Dielemans, Gerry (1)

Gerry Dielemans

Trustee, Development

Work for Collins Aerospace for the past 28 yrs.

Attended Western CT. State University.

Married for 33 years with 2 Children.

Coached youth baseball for 20 years.

Red Cross Sponsor for Blood Drives at Collins Aerospace for 8 yrs.

John O'Rourke

Vice President

John is blessed with a wonderful family. He is a tremendous fan of baseball and devotedly cheers his Mets on all season long. An active member of his church, and generally great person.

Kenneth Shapiro


Ken is a wonderfully happy person. He enjoys a phenomenal family of four very kind and positive people. Ken's humor is one of his strong suits, but his kind soul wins the day. He is an entrepreneur of a very successful company, Pharmcal.

Next Steps...

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