An estimated 6 Million people in The United States of America have Brain Aneurysms, but do not know it.  A Round Fore Awareness, LLC wants to assist the Brain Aneurysm Foundation in raising awareness.

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An estimated 1 in 50 people have a brain aneurysm, and someone experiences a life threatening rupture every 18 minutes.  Our organization founder is one of those people. He luckily survived and recovered fully. Most persons who suffer a rupture do not fare as well, and have long lasting or life altering deficits that required professional care.

It is our mission to assist in raising awareness by providing funds for promoting awareness through further research and support for the persons effected by brain aneurysms.



It is crucial for the medical profession to learn more about the causes of this vascular disease. The federal government funds the research at an estimated $0.83 per person effected. This is simply not enough. So we have decided to try and help by hosting a benefit golf outing on September 16, 2019. The outing will take place at The Golf Club at Oxford Greens, in Oxford Connecticut.

We are looking for players who will enjoy a challenging round of golf while supporting a worthy cause, as well as sponsors who would like to promote this organization's mission while promoting their business or  honoring the name of someone they know that was afflicted with this disease.